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Taking Charge: Collected Stories on Aging Boldly

By Herb Weiss (Texas at Austin, 1977)

“Don’t just grow older, take charge and age boldly!” The collection of stories, organized in 13 chapters offers readers – age 50 plus and even those younger – insights and practical information as to how they can plan and enjoy a full and satisfying quality of life unparalleled in our history. With increasing lifespans, Americans are living longer, decades after retirement.

The stories cover a variety of aging issues ranging from caregiving and retirement planning, health and wellness, mental health, preplanning your funeral, choosing the right nursing home, Social Security and Medicare, and pop culture to thoughts about spirituality and death.

Brother Weiss and his wife, Patty Zacks, reside in Pawtucket, RI. His book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Taking Charge

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