Parents are an important stakeholder group for Alpha Epsilon Pi, so we have developed this page and additional resources to give you an introduction to AEPi and to help you transition your son into college.

We hope these pages give you more insight into AEPi and help you during this crucial time. As your son considers college and college life, we understand that there are a number of questions and concerns. As a parent, it’s a good idea for you to learn more about Greek life and, especially, AEPi.

Don’t forget to look over the resource documents we’ve prepared for you. These will help give you insight on a number of critical issues and may answer some of your questions. Still have questions? You can always email us at [email protected] and one of our staff will be happy to help. 

What is Special about AEPi?

The mission of Alpha Epsilon Pi is to Develop Leadership for the Jewish Community.

We accomplish this mission by promoting an organizational model where students control their own chapter and work together to drive success as measured by key outcomes.  Along the way, chapters and members receive education, advising, and feedback commensurate with their level of involvement and targeted to their goals.  Education stresses the link to our Jewish identity by connecting Jewish concepts such as Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tikkun Midot (improving our character) with the activities that chapters engage in. The question we help students answer for themselves is, “How do we live and lead Jewishly?”

What are the benefits of joining aepi?

Becoming a member of AEPi provides an opportunity to gain skills and experiences that will help prepare your student for a career and a successful life. AEPi focuses on the skills, traits, and experiences required to become a leader of the Jewish community.

The Structure of AEPi

The Structure of AEPi

Undergraduate Chapters

The day-to-day operations of fraternity undergraduate chapters are conducted and overseen by college-aged students, with remote advice and counsel provided by the international headquarters staff and alumni volunteers. The chapter’s undergraduate leadership structure promotes diverse programming and leadership development.  The chapter’s top leadership positions comprise an executive board that helps ensure the collective action of their organization complies with the laws, abides by the rules and regulations of the international organization, observes the college/university’s policies, and remains a positive experience. To this extent, the board may monitor individual member activities, promote values, and enforce standards.

The Undergraduate Members

Undergraduate members must ensure that their actions comply with the law, abide by the rules and regulations of the international organization, and observe the college/university’s policies. The undergraduate membership elects its own members to positions of leadership  and they manage the day-to-day operations of their respective chapters. The undergraduate members and their elected student officers have the primary responsibility to ensure that all activities, events, and operations follow all fraternity/sorority policies and rules, as well as all college/university and local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Fraternity Volunteers

Undergraduate chapter officers have access to alumni volunteers who serve as advisors and may provide guidance and counsel to the local chapter and, in particular, to the chapter’s elected officers. The advisors offer advice and counsel only. They do not directly supervise the undergraduate members, nor do they oversee or control the daily operations of the chapter.

International Organization

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc. (the international organization) exists separately and independently of local fraternity chapters. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc., is a 501c7 that is overseen by a board of directors, maintains a centralized headquarters office, and has a paid professional staff. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc. provides education, resources, and training to the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities via robust programming.

Local fraternity chapters are known by their chapter name and hold duly issued charters at the pleasure of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc. These charters allow chapters and their members to use the name “Alpha Epsilon Pi” and to offer their members membership in the Fraternity.Although the headquarters staff and alumni volunteers do not oversee the daily operations of each local chapter, they may offer advice, support, and educational guidance to local chapters, which helps the chapter operate as a self-sufficient and independent entity. Alumni and staff may also offer mentorship and guidance to individual undergraduate members.

If the chapter or its undergraduate members are not fulfilling their responsibilities or operating the chapter in an appropriate manner, or failing to adhere to policies set by the international organization, then Alpha Epsilon Pi may implement accountability measures on the chapter or on individual members. These measures are designed to help the chapter’s members understand that they are responsible for their actions and could result in additional education and/or disciplinary actions, including the revocation of a charter and/or removal of individual members from the organization. More information about Alpha Epsilon Pi’s health and safety policies can be found here.

Legacy Policy

Legacy Policy

Alpha Epsilon Pi takes seriously our commitment to L’dor V’dor, from generation to generation. Following is the Alpha Epsilon Pi legacy policy: “BE IT RESOLVED, that all chapters must extend a bid for induction to any son, grandson, or brother of a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, providing that the Executive Office be notified at least two weeks prior to the term’s recruitment period that he is interested in having such a bid extended. This shall be binding unless the express approval to refuse such bid shall be obtained from the Fraternity’s CEO or Supreme Master.”