Rampant Lion

Brother Zack establishes new Rampant Lion Award

In the last several years, Jewish students on university campuses have experienced a significant rise in anti-Semitism. Our own AEPi brothers have been targeted with physical attacks, and several of our chapter houses were vandalized with swastikas. Despite this new reality on campus, our young brothers are on the front lines, leading their peers and standing up to hate. Brother Zack took notice of AEPi’s approach to developing proud and confident Jewish leaders and through his generosity, established the Zack Rampant Lion Award.

Stephen N. Zack (Florida, 1969)

Past president of American Bar Association, Brother Zack establishes award to recognize brothers fighting anti-Semitism on campus

Tell us briefly about yourself.
I have a wonderful family, including two granddaughters, a son who practices law, a daughter who is involved in animal rescue and dog training, and a wife who comes from a long line of lawyers and judges who have always been very supportive of my activities. After 45 years, I still enjoy the practice of law. Whenever I get the chance, I travel to and enjoy my home in California where we cultivate wine and olive oil. I also enjoy traveling and cooking.

Why did you join AEPi?
When I went to the University of Florida and participated in rush, I found the people joining AEPi to be kind individuals who I wanted to have as friends and spend time with. They were good people with good values and very supportive of diversity. Many have remained part of my life ever since then.

What were your motivations to become president of the American Bar Association?
I like lawyers and I think what we do is important to society. After being President of The Florida Bar and the National Conference of Bar Presidents, I had a number of projects I wanted to see pursued on a national level and believed it was the best way to do so. Some of those projects included establishing the Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities, the Commission on Civic Education in the Nation’s Schools, and the Task Force on Preservation of the Justice System.

What inspired you to establish the Zack Rampant Lion Award?
When I served as U.S. Representative to the General Assembly of the United Nations, I witnessed the anti-Israel bias that is taking place around the world. As I learned more about what our AEPi students are doing on campus to stand up for Israel and against anti-Semitism, I was very impressed.

Why are you proud to be a Pi?
I believe in the values that AEPi stands for. I believe in the social justice causes that it is known to defend, and I believe it is important to preserve and maintain the Jewish culture for future generations.

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