Not Just Another Leadership Conference

Through a pace-setting gift from Mike Leven (Tufts, 1959), the establishment of AEPi’s Michael A. Leven Advanced Leadership Institute was announced in 2013. Three years later, the Leven Institute is the premier experience for our fraternity’s most deserving chapter officers. In the annual institute, participants learn the essential tools for becoming successful business and community leaders, and have the opportunity to network with our most distinguished alumni who are CEOs, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Brother David Shabotinsky (IDC, 2017) shares his firsthand account of attending the third annual Leven Leadership Institute at our international convention in August 2016.


I cannot say how appreciative I am that AEPi offers this amazing opportunity to our brotherhood.

- David Shabotinksy (IDC, 2017)

I can honestly say that my experiences at the Leven Leadership Institute were unforgettable.

Not only did I walk away from this amazing program having connected with my AEPi brothers from around the world, but I now have practical, applicable tools that will equip me to tackle today’s business world problems.

In the past, I have been to other programs that advertise and promote leadership training within Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, but the Leven Leadership Institute delivers on that promise. I really appreciated hearing esteemed alumni brothers — who I share the bond of brotherhood with — share their secrets for success through real life, lived experiences.

In addition to the wonderful speakers who inspired us to become tomorrow’s Jewish leaders, I also left the Institute with beneficial books that are filled with practical solutions to the questions and concerns of today’s young adults — everything from how to write the perfect email to best practices for engaging with connections on LinkedIn to methods in tackling not only professional problems but also personal ones we may face along the way.

Finally, my favorite part of the Institute was the engagement piece: rather than just sitting and taking notes, AEPi incorporated hands-on, interactive case studies that allowed me to engage with my brothers to discuss and solve real-life problems and challenges. I cannot say how appreciative I am that AEPi offers this amazing opportunity to our brotherhood. The Leven Leadership Institute is not just another leadership conference, and I would highly recommend it to any brother serious about becoming a leader of tomorrow.

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