Letter from the Chairman and President

Letter from the Chairman & President

Dear Brothers and Friends,

It has been quite the year for AEPi. Our fraternity is expanding throughout the world, which is especially evident in the historic opening of our first chapter in Australia. Indeed, the sun never sets on AEPi.

As we continue to grow both domestically and internationally, our universal mission and values are continually sought out by college students. These students join our brotherhood and take advantage of the unparalleled leadership development opportunities and global Jewish community we provide. And we are more than willing to invest in these chapters because that mission and those values are vital to the survival of the Jewish people, and because our undergraduate brothers go on to become the leaders and advocates our people and Israel need.

Through the support of alumni brothers, parents and friends, we know AEPi will continue to build upon this success. As you review this year’s annual Foundation Report, we hope you will be proud of the impact you help us make on tomorrow’s leaders — the AEPi brothers in our chapters today.

Below are just a few key highlights from this past fiscal year:


Total amount raised during the 2015-2016 annual campaign


Total individual donors


Undergraduate brothers attending leadership training

We have a special opportunity to continue supporting AEPi’s mission to develop the future leaders of the Jewish community.


Philip H. Cohen, NYU 1957


Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation

Centennial Founder

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