From the Supreme Master


Renewal. Truly one of the tenets of our religion, our people, and our fraternity. A new chapter, colony, pledge or brother. The new year celebrated with Rosh Hashanah. Renewal of our history as we celebrate Passover and our exodus from slavery in Egypt. From the horrors of the holocaust came the renewal of the land of Israel.

We have survived as a people, we will survive as a nation, and beyond. Faith and belief in the principles of our founding are as relevant today as they were one hundred seven (107) years ago at  the Arch in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York City. Tikkun Olam guides us on our way, the path of the Gold and Blue. We can only make a difference by standing proudly together as Jewish men and renew our sense of commitment to Brotherhood.  It is a lifelong engagement and endeavor if that is your pursuit, giving back to insure that we, a tiny speck of population to the world, remain a viable people, a strong fraternity of Brothers and Brotherhood.

We have been fighting BDS on campus, and making a difference. The courage of our convictions, our core pushes us to do so. Technology evolves, but principles remain the same. Dispersion of our people of 12 tribes has three or four at best left. We cannot afford further loss. The only way is strength in community. Strength of Brotherhood.

Renewal is the opportunity to flourish now and in the future. Slow and steady like the turtle.

I look forward to this journey with all of you.


Jason Oshins (Union, 1987)
Supreme Master

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