The Future of Surgery Training is Now

As the founder and CEO of Osso VR, Brother Dr. Justin Barad (UC Berkeley, 2005) has reimagined how surgeons train. The virtual reality (VR)-based training platform is currently being used to train upwards of 1,000 surgeons every month.

Using processes like remote collaboration and cutaneous haptics—sensory technology that simulate touch—the VR platform allows new technologies and procedures to be quickly learned from anywhere in the world. A proprietary assessment tool allows Osso VR users to “shorten the learning curve,” and understand concepts faster than traditional training.

Brother Barad received a bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley and an MD from UCLA, where he graduated first in his class. He completed his fellowship in pediatric orthopedics at Harvard and Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Originally wanting to become a game developer, he combined his passion for technology and healthcare to solve medical problems. In 2019, Osso VR received research grants from the US Air Force and National Science Foundation to continue its work.

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