From the Chief Executive Officer

Dear Brothers:

Welcome to the Fall 2020 issue of the Digital Lion!

Like everything else in our world these days, the Lion schedule has been modified due to the pandemic. After our winter magazine was mailed and placed online, we had planned to publish a digital Lion in the early summer to preview our 107th Annual International Convention being held in Atlanta.

And, then, the country shut down. Working together with our colleagues at the AEPi Foundation, we launched AEPiConnect to provide our alumni and undergraduate Brothers with some amazing virtual learning and networking opportunities. By the time summer started, it was clear that the only prudent and safe thing to do was to cancel our convention and hold both it and our Summer Leadership Series online.

You can read about all of these exciting and innovative programs in this issue of the Digital Lion.

I want to take this opportunity to once again publicly thank and praise the hardworking staff of Alpha Epsilon Pi International. I’m proud to work with such a dedicated group of people who were able to pivot quickly and bring our Brothers the programs and support they needed during this strange time. We continue to manage our fraternity during these changing times and our staff continues to provide creative solutions to new problems.

To our undergraduate Brothers, I want to repeat a message I emailed you earlier this summer:

In the 107-year history of Alpha Epsilon Pi, we have survived a lot – World Wars, the Holocaust, campus uprisings, the rising tide of anti-Semitism – and have always risen to the challenge by focusing on our core values and commitments as a fraternity. Whether you are on campus or virtual this year, I urge you to refocus on our mission to develop the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities and do just that. Lead. As individual Brothers and as a chapter, I hope you will focus your efforts on being a model for good sense and good behavior for your community.

At the same time that we are dealing with a global pandemic, we are also confronting some very harsh truths about our society and social justice. Rest assured that Alpha Epsilon Pi takes seriously our responsibility to Tikkun Olam — repairing the world. Over the years, our Brothers have helped lead momentous change in our society and we hope – we expect – that our Brothers will continue to play a leading role in the movement to eradicating racism and anti-semitism and hate in all forms from our world. We are working on a special edition of the Digital Lion tackling these issues. Please look forward to that coming your way in the near future.

Brothers, please be safe and stay healthy! May the coming year bring us all health, happiness, peace and prosperity.


Jim Fleischer

Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc.

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