Letter from the Supreme Master

One of the most powerful inventions of the 20th century is the laser beam, the inventor was Gordon Gould of my alma mater, Union College. The basic purpose of the laser is to focus the energy of a beam of light. Usually, when rays of light are projected over a distance as a source of light or heat, the intensity of light dissipates as it gets further from its source.

To overcome this limitation, a laser beam is narrowly confined, so it does not spread to the sides. It is thus completely focused in one direction only, maintaining its strength even at great distances from its source. In fact, it can even make a hole through a metal barrier several inches thick at a distance of several miles.

Lasers are now used in numerous technologies, from dental drills to CD drives to household tools. Lasers are also widely used in surgery. Laser technology has allowed surgeons to develop many new techniques to reduce injury to tissues and shorten the healing time for incisions.

The lesson as Brothers that we can learn from a laser is this: If you want to influence others, the way to do it is by staying focused in one direction only. Only in this way can one maintain full strength.

There is no need for one person to spread out all over and try to have an effect everywhere. Each Brother has a unique role for which they are most suited. When each person focuses on their own areas of achievement, they will be successful. Specifically, by doing mitzvot — ¬†this provides us with a goal and direction, and ensures that the efforts of all the Jewish people will be coordinated and effective.

Our Brothers should be a living personal example of adding a candle to the light of Judaism every day, with continued spiritual growth. When his life serves as a proper example, his words are effective, even greater than the effects of a philanthropist or community activist.

We are aware of our limitations, and we should demand from ourselves only that which is in accordance with our capabilities.Life gives us challenges only according to what we can handle. When we focus our energies like a laser, we have the tools in hand to do anything.

I lost a beacon of light in my life last year, our beloved CEO Jim Fleisher. Laser focused on the success of AEPI and its mission. To the end Jimmy remained committed to our ideals. That is a lesson to all of us, as Brothers. Spring is eternal and brings us to look forward to our Convention in Aventura, Florida, this summer. With laser focus — may we remain committed to our past present and future. AEPI for life, see you in August.


Jason Oshins

Union, 1987

Supreme Master

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