Letter from the CEO

Dear Brothers:

Chicago, 1991. My first AEPi convention. It’s still fresh in my mind. It was the first time I was exposed to the breadth, scope and importance of our fraternity. Before I went to convention, my experience with AEPi was mostly limited to the Kent State campus. I had been to a couple of regional conclaves (we even memorably hosted one once) but those were kind of like our chapter meetings but with more Brothers.

When I went to our International Convention (we were only in Canada and the United States at that time), I began to understand what AEPi was all about. Yes, I learned how to help make my chapter stronger. And, yes, I had a role in helping making decisions about the future of the fraternity. But, more importantly, I had an awesome time and made lifelong friends with Brothers from all over North America. I also came to realize how much our alumni care about AEPi and its undergraduates and how much help they can be in improving chapter operations. Many of our alumni come to convention each year, partly to see old friends and catch up, but mostly to help make our AEPi chapters better.

There’s never been a better or more important time to join with your Brothers to celebrate our fraternity’s successes and to address the challenges facing the Jewish community – especially the campus Jewish community – today.

We’ll be working with our undergraduates and alumni to give them tools to combat rising anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments. We’ll also be hosting many inspirational and important special speakers. Most importantly, though, we have a number of programs geared towards making this year’s convention one of the most interactive and fun ever.

I hope all of our alumni and undergraduate Brothers join with us at #AEPi106 in Washington, August 7-11. Click here for registration information.

I’ll see you in August!

Jim Fleischer

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