AEPi is Hiring! Why You Should Apply

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Inc. operates on more than 180 campuses across six different countries. It takes what CEO Jim Fleischer calls “a small army” to operate smoothly and fulfill our mission: developing leadership for the Jewish community. AEPi International Staff members are a diverse group of individuals who have witnessed the power of brotherhood during their time on campus and want to help share that experience with more to come.

Hear from these staff members on why you should apply to work for AEPi:

Perry Chencin (Florida Gulf Coast, 2016)

Brother: Perry Chencin (Florida Gulf Coast, 2016)

Department: Communication
Title: Communication Specialist

Almost three years ago, when I joined the “comms department”, there were just two positions. Now, we’re a team of five and looking to add more. Day to day, I manage, develop social media campaigns, design graphics and write content of all forms. I’m encouraged to be creative and capture stories that tell AEPi’s timeless message of Jewish brotherhood. My favorite part about this job is being the first to take on challenges AEPi hasn’t in the past. Unlike most other positions, chapter visits are seldom. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to interact with brothers or travel. In fact, communicating with undergraduates and alumni is a large part of my job and I’ve been afforded travel opportunities all over the US and Israel. If you’re creative, into technology, have strong writing skills and are passionate about AEPi, this job is for you.


Brother: Emanuel Isakov (South Florida, 2018)

Department: Chapter Services
Title: Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC)

I got my start with AEPi in the summer of 2018 when I was hired as an Educational Leadership Consultant, or ELC. My day-to-day work is traveling between chapters of AEPi, communicating with executive board members, and and assisting with chapter operations however I can. Compared to the rest of AEPi HQ, the Chapter Services department is unique in that we work directly “on the ground” with chapters and their leaders.

Among the many perks of working for AEPi, my favorite is the ability to see new places and meet new people all the time. Since I started, I’ve had the opportunity to visit ten new states and meet amazing brothers in each.

I’d say the ideal person for the job is someone who wants to give back to the Jewish community. AEPi has helped me grow as a person and as a professional which is why I wanted to do my part for the brotherhood. A good ELC will be someone who wants to help develop leaders, cares about the Jewish community, and is looking for a rewarding experience.


Brother: Ethan White (Delaware, 2018)

Department: Jewish Leadership and Programming
Title: Jewish Programming Associate

There is nothing better than taking your college passion and changing it into a job. As an undergraduate I was always involved in campus Jewish Life on campus and through my experience at the University of Delaware learned that I wanted to make giving back to the Jewish Community my career. Working for the Fraternity is the first step I am making to start that career.

As a Jewish Programming Associate there is many different things I do in any given week. I work with our chapters at the local level to help support there Jewish, Israel and Philanthropic Programming, I travel all over the nation to represent AEPi at Professional, Communal and High School events. I also work to help innovate and create International programming initiatives for the Fraternity.

One of the best parts of the job is waking up in a different city every day. I can’t think of a better way to spend my first year out of college the visiting dozens of different college campuses all across the nation.

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