03 Aug, 2017

Convention Award Winners: Thursday

03 Aug, 2017

Each year, outstanding undergraduate brothers and chapters from more than 190 campuses are honored for their achievements from the past year at AEPi’s International Convention.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, 53 achievement awards will be presented at this year’s International Convention in Las Vegas to those brothers and chapters who exemplify what it means to be part of AEPi.

Mazel Tov to the following brothers and chapters awarded at today’s awards lunch:


Robert Silverman Outstanding Scribe Award

Matthew Lopater (Georgia Southern, 2018)

Irving Axelrod & Raphael Wolf Outstanding House Manager Award

Alexander Grage (Illinois, 2019)

Outstanding Pledgemaster Award

Jake Felder (Florida, 2018)

Louis Heller Outstanding Exchequer Award

William Teitelbaum (Vanderbilt, 2016)

Phi Sigma Outstanding Lieutenant Master Award

Aaron Jacobson (Northwestern, 2019)

Andrew S. Borans Outstanding Rush Chairman Award

Dylan Rochman (IDC, 2018)

George S. Toll Expansion Award

Asaf Bisker (Tel Aviv, 2019)

Harvey S. Bodker Emerging Leader Award

Joseph Kleid (San Francisco, 2020)

The Eliot Engel Friend of AEPi Award

Donald F. Schenk, Brigadier General (USA, Ret.)

Jeffrey Simon


Stanford H. & Sheila Odesky Outstanding Rush Results Award

London Metro (Upsilon Kappa Epsilon)

Abe & Renette Corenswet Outstanding Chapter Progress Award (40+)

St. Andrews University (Upsilon Kappa Alpha)

Tenzer Family Outstanding Chapter Progress Award (up to 39)

University of Pittsburgh (Phi Delta)

Allan R. Wolfe Outstanding Chapter Publication Award

College of William and Mary (Tau Pi)

Outstanding Risk Management Award – 1st Place

University of California-San Diego (Chi Sigma)

Outstanding Risk Management Award – 2nd Place

The College of New Jersey (Alpha Eta)

Outstanding Risk Management Award – 3rd Place

Arizona State University (Alpha Sigma)

The Leider Family Outstanding Website Design Award

University of Delaware (Rho Deuteron)