Brother Scott Cohon Presented With Order of the Lion

Last night (April 11, 2024), AEPi honored two of its stalwart supporters: Brother Mike Leven (Tufts, 1959) was presented with the Nehemiah Gitelson Silver Medallion recognizing him for his commitment to Jewish communal services. Brother Past Supreme Master Scott Cohon (Wayne State, 1991) was presented with AEPi’s highest honor, the Order of the Lion, for his longtime service and commitment to AEPi.

 Today, we are featuring a rerun of an article from 2015 when Brother Cohon was installed as Supreme Master of AEPi. Much has changed in AEPi, our world and Scott’s life since this article was first published but one thing remains consistent: Scott Cohon’s love and dedication to AEPi.

 Mazel Tov to both Brothers Leven (we’ll feature an article about Mike later this month) and Cohon on this recognition. AEPi owes both a huge debt of gratitude for their support and commitment!


“In our pledge manual, it tells us that the fraternity is a learning laboratory – I can tell you, though, that some of the stuff that grew in our disgusting fraternity house, wouldn’t have grown anywhere else…seriously, though, I learned so much from my time in AEPi that I still use today that I can’t think of any better place to develop leadership skills,” said Brother Scott Cohon.

Brother Cohon matriculated at Michigan State in 1987 and graduated from Wayne State in 1991. After living in the MSU fraternity house and serving as kitchen manager, Brother Cohon transferred to Wayne State University in Detroit after his Junior year due to some family issues. He commuted from home each day and graduated in 1991. But it was there, at Wayne State, that the International Fraternity first came into Scott’s life.

“While I was at Michigan State, this big schleppy guy came to our chapter and that was my first meeting with Andy Borans. I told him that I was transferring to Wayne State and he and I started up our Metro Detroit chapter (comprised of students from several Detroit schools in addition to Wayne State). We initiated like 50 guys and, that summer at our convention in Dallas, I received the Norman Levin Outstanding Master Award.”

After graduation, Brother Cohon moved to Indianapolis to begin working for our fraternity. He served two years as a chapter consultant (now called education leadership consultants) and then five more years as the fraternity’s Director of Programs and Risk Management.

Today, he lives in Boca Raton with his wife, Annat, and his two children, Mark (15) and Shayna (13). (Editor’s Note: Scott’s children are now both students at the University of Florida and Mark is a Brother of our Phi Gamma chapter).

“I wouldn’t trade my experiences in AEPi for anything. Some of closest friends came from the fraternity; they were the groomsmen in my wedding and will always be my lifelong friends. I love giving back to AEPi because I know that I’ll never be able to give back what it has given me.”