AEPi’s 2022-2023 Undergraduate Cabinet

The Undergraduate Cabinet consists of one Brother elected from each geographic region, who serves to represent all of the chapters and colonies in their region through the next academic year.

As members of the Undergraduate Cabinet, our undergraduate Brothers have the unique opportunity to become elected representatives of their respective regions, interact closely with International Staff and the Supreme Board of Governors, and work as a liaison of the undergraduate Brothers to the main policy makers of the Fraternity to ensure the undergraduate perspective is always taken into account when key policy decisions are made.


Spencer Fleischer

Brother Spencer Fleischer (Indiana, 2025) was born in Long Island, New York and grew up there until fifth grade. He then moved to Carmel, Indiana where he currently lives when he’s not attending classes at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington. He is majoring in advertising with a minor in public relations.

On the Undergraduate Cabinet, Brother Fleischer wants to help masters across the country in his region help their chapters to grow, rush and prosper. “I reached out to every single master in my region and I was like, if you ever need something, if you ever need to talk, if you literally anything you can call me or text me.” He’s already gotten a few phone calls from chapter Masters.

Brother Fleischer has talked on the phone with some masters about our Rush at IU. They asked how his chapter compiles rush lists and how they get people to be interested in rushing. “We rush 750 to 1,000 students every single semester so it’s not really an issue for us to get kids through the door and get kids wanting bids.” He told the Master to let the potential new members meet the Brothers and hang out with the Brothers. He suggested doing poker nights or having them over for Sunday Night Football.

As he has been a part of AEPi his entire life (his father was Jim Fleischer (z’l”) the fraternity’s former CEO) , Brother Fleischer brings a very unique perspective. “I closely saw how the national fraternity deals with chapters, how they talk to them, and how they interact with them so I have perspectives on both ‘Nationals’ and being a student.”


David Steinbock

Brother David Steinbock (Reichman, 2024) grew up in London. At the age of 18 he went to Israel for a gap year to learn at Yeshiva. He loved Israel so much that he decided to stay and go to Reichman University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Business Administration. After conversations with Andy Borans, Brother Steinbock joined AEPi and was elected to the E-Board. “It has been nothing but amazing. It’s allowed me to grow and take on leadership within the semester of me joining.”

Fraternities are not as prevalent around the world as is in the U.S. and Canada so there are a lot of misperceptions – based on TV and cinema – to change. The Israeli culture is different, there is mandatory military service in Israel before entering college which already provides a strong brotherhood. Brother Steinbock explained that he has to convince potential Israeli Brothers that even though they had Brotherhood in the army, AEPi extends a similar type of Brotherhood when they go to college. 

At AEPi’s 109th Convention, Brother Steinbock got to meet Brothers from America and other parts of the world. “The bonds that we’ve been building from convention, it’s the main reason why I got on the undergraduate cabinet and what I’m trying to learn by being on it.”

“I’ve had great experiences from people on it like Spencer Fleischer, the representative from the central region. He’s been amazing. At convention, he was welcoming to me, specifically considering that I wasn’t an American. I felt like he was very welcoming to me and I’ve reached out to him.”


Dylan Klein

Brother Dylan Klein (Albany, 2023) grew up in New Rochelle, New York. He is currently a student at the University of Albany double majoring in Public Policy and Political Science. “I am really passionate about public service and giving back to the community, both at home and within AEPi. It’s part of the reason why I wanted to be on the undergraduate cabinet.”

Bringing more of a sense of clarity between AEPi International and the individual chapters and colonies is one of Brother Klein’s goals. “I see in the Northeast, especially we’ve struggled in terms of communication between leaderships at individual universities and the leadership at AEPi International.” He is trying to build up communication and promote more inclusiveness and performance within chapters. He sees a lot of opportunity in his region.

Getting more Brothers on student government is also a goal of Brother Klein’s. He has been a three-term member of the legislative branch in his school student government and has lobbied directly for an increase in  the New York state budget for higher education policy. “I remember hearing a number at convention being mentioned. I believe it was only 27 AEPi Brothers who were elected to student government. That number needs to be higher as someone who’s in student government.” He believes that more Jewish voices need to be on the student government with the rise of antisemitism on campus. “I believe I do bring a unique perspective when it comes to being able to lobby and fight for our chapters.”

Brother Klein is greatly looking forward to continuing to work with the undergraduate cabinet. “We all come from different walks of life but we’re all bonded together through AEPi. It is really an experience to learn from other members of the cabinet, what they’re going through on a day-to-day basis and really get a grasp of their situation.” He wants to help in any way he can from his experiences.


Jaden Damesek

Westfield, New Jersey native, Brother Jaden Damesek (Tampa, 2023), opted for a warmer climate for his college experience and is now currently a senior at the University of Tampa. He values his friends and family over everyone and everything. “My freshman year, I immediately started getting involved in the fraternity. After my new member process was over I immediately joined the Rush Committee. From there I joined the New Member Committee and I became New Member Educator after that. I finally became Master down the road.” He is super thankful to be in AEPi because it has given him a lot of opportunities.

Brother Damesek is glad to take another step in his leadership journey with AEPi. He is excited to be working on a national level rather than just a chapter level. “I just love the idea of being able to represent a region.” He wants to create an environment where any Brother and chapter leader can reach out to him and ask for advice. He recognizes that a lot of the chapters are going through the same problems and that they can work together on solving them.

Brother Damesek wants what’s best for everyone. “I am definitely on the side of a people pleaser kind of leadership style.” He’s the one who’s there to make sure that the morale is high and that Brothers are satisfied with what’s going on. If things feel like they aren’t going right in terms of morale, he wants to be there to pick the team up.

Brother Damesek has kept in contact with the Brothers that he’s met at convention. “I’ve definitely spoken to a good amount of guys since AEPi convention, which is great because I want to stay in contact with these guys. I’ve become friends with a lot of them.”


Frank Levine

A Brother of AEPi since the fall semester in his freshman year in 2019, Brother Frank Levine (Arizona State, 2023) is double majoring in finance and business sustainability. Since joining the Brotherhood, he has served Alpha Sigma chapter as brother-at-large, recruitment chair and master. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he is soaking up as much as he can in his last term as master.

On the Undergraduate Cabinet, Brother Levine wants to make sure that the west coast chapters are succeeding. He would love to get chapters more involved in terms of raising money for philanthropy. “I think, in the past, PAC-12 schools and the West Coast chapters had been very prevalent and some of the biggest earners in situations such as philanthropy. I think we staggered off that track and now the SEC and a couple of those ACC schools are beating us.”

So far, Brother Levine has spoken with several regional chapter masters. “It makes me happy to see that  they’re achieving their goals and that they’re having the semesters that they want.”

Brother Levine brings his own experienced perspective. “I think my own first-hand experience – I’ve been on Eboard for three years – will help chapters understand the cycles we go through. He also wants to talk to chapters about how to get a good rush, new member classes and philanthropy programs going.

The next Undergraduate Cabinet will be elected at AEPis 110th International Convention in New Orleans. Register Here