05 Sep, 2018

Jim’s Journal: Be Proud and L’Shanah Tovah

Jim's Journal
05 Sep, 2018

Jim Fleischer (Kent State, 1993) Chief Executive Officer

Working for AEPi has a certain – unique – rhythm to it. We spend all summer gearing up for our international convention and, as soon as that is over, our year really takes off as our North American chapters return to school. So, Rosh Hashanah gives me a nice chance to catch my breath, take a little break and reflect on some things.

I hope you’ve had a chance to read the excellent article written by AEPi’s Director of Growth and Development, Kyle Whitlock about rushing positively. I loved this article! Being positive is a great way to encourage young men to join AEPi.

I want to add another thought, though. Be positive. But, also be proud. Be proud of AEPi and all that we have accomplished. Be proud of our mission to develop the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities. Be proud of our shared values and traditions.

Be proud of our heritage. Be proud to be the Jewish fraternity.

Last year was the worst on record for the number of antisemitic attacks on college campuses. But, our brothers are the ones leading the charge to push back. At Towson University — after a violent antisemitic attack against some of our brothers last spring – our brothers are organizing a Combat Hate rally next week to bring together the campus and the Jewish community. On countless other campuses, our brothers are taking the same initiative. We’re not victims. We’re not afraid. We’re proud.

To me, that’s what being a brother of AEPi is about. That’s why others will want to join our chapters. We are proud of who we are.

I am #proudtobeapi

My best wishes to all of our undergraduate and alumni brothers for a happy new year. May the coming year bring us all peace and good health.

L’Shanah Tovah!