31 Aug, 2018

FridayPiday: David Fischer (Yale, 1999)

David Fischer (Yale, 1999)
31 Aug, 2018

Brother David Fischer (Yale, 1999) has spent more than 15 years building technology companies, working with organizations from small startup companies to some of the world’s leading brands. Brother Fischer is the Founder and CEO of Rockstar Coders, an international technology services agency that works with clients to help them design and build websites and mobile applications, recruit and staff developers to complete projects. The company also consults and advises on long-term technology strategy. He started Rockstar Coders in 2002, but works with other side projects and technology startups such as ResumeGem and JobMap.ai. He has always been a technology entrepreneur; building a technology service business and helping others achieve their goals has always been his ultimate goal and dream.

“I want every company we work with to do well. The only thing holding them back is their own ability to do good work and maintain relationships with the client. Doing mediocre work only hurts your client more, so why wouldn’t you put in one hundred percent?”

rockstar coders

As a junior in college, he founded his first company, Sharkbyte. Everything with Rockstar Coders evolved out of that experience. “Since Rockstar Coders began, we’ve almost doubled in growth every two years. We started with nothing, I remember working alone in my parent’s house. There’s no limit to where we can grow in this market, so I hope it continues.” While attending Yale, he was also a proud brother of the Epsilon Upsilon chapter. The brothers taught him the importance of building relationships, which is now a part of his work day. “We talk about how brotherhood is a lifelong commitment, the connections the fraternity provides is unmatched. No matter how business evolves, it is still about the relationship a business has with their customer and the trust they create with one another. You can only build this by spending time together. It’s the same concept they teach you in [AEPi].”

Because of what he learned through the fraternity, forming and upkeeping relationships has become the most rewarding part of his job. “I’ve worked with some of these clients for more than fifteen years. Seeing them grow with the company is great.” Some of the long-standing clients even offer him advice. While many companies base their success off of metrics and numbers, he sees success as relationships and looking at things in long-term. “Companies aren’t thinking thirty years from now, many think about the next three to six months. You can’t be near-sighted and you can’t always try to cut corners.”

Rockstar Coders is somewhat different from other technology services agencies because it looks to the future…not just tomorrow, but 30 years from now. It caters to the customer’s needs and the competition they face. “While our plan changes for each client, the decades long mindset is clear. We value our relationships and using the company values and principles in decision making.” For Brother Fischer, the most important thing is making sure the client always wins. “The more the client wins, the more referrals you’ll get and the more they’ll come back to you. Rockstar Coders is very aggressive in doing everything in its power to make sure the customer achieves what they want out of a deal.”

“A lot of people are interested in being entrepreneurs but are held back by fear, whether its fear of failure or something else. You need to learn to use the analytical part of your brain to gather facts and outline alternatives before making the final decision. You have to trust yourself and trust that you’ve done the work to make the right decision as a business owner. I’m excited to work with AEPi brothers as partners or clients in the future and hope that anyone who is looking for a mentor in the technology start-up industry will reach out to me!”