05 Aug, 2017

Convention Award Winners: Saturday

05 Aug, 2017

Mazel Tov to the following brothers and chapters recognized at tonight’s awards dinner:


Louis Sherr Outstanding Chapter Award

Drexel University (Delta Rho)

Marc & Dana Katz Outstanding Colony Award

Arizona State (Alpha Sigma)

The Aronin Family Outstanding Delegation Award

University of Minnesota (Mu Upsilon)


David M. Bacharach, Jr. Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Ezra Katz (Kent State, 2019)

I.E. Goldberg Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Andrew Morris (St. Andrews, 2016)

Morris Berke Outstanding Master Award

Michael Bornstein (California-Riverside, 2018)

Sidney E. Goldberg Outstanding Delegate Ring

Ethan White (Delaware, 2018)