Brother Brandon Ginsberg (Florida Atlantic, 2018)

Running a fashion business can be especially tricky with various departments that need to work together. Brother Brandon Ginsberg is the CEO of ApparelMagic, a one stop shop software specifically for the fashion industry who works with everyone from small fashion businesses to designers worn to the Met Gala.

From a young age, Brother Ginsberg was interested in hacking and coding and, at the age of 10, wrote a couple of basic computer programs. My parents would set up firewalls so I’d figure out how to get around them.” Ever since then he has had a fascination with tinkering and building. He attended a computer science public magnet school so he could hone his craft. I had started doing tech support after school. I was working for this local software company called ApparelMagic. I thought it was enjoyable, working in a real business environment.” He started feeling that his course work was not productive for him and ended up leaving school, getting a virtual diploma and working full time for ApparelMagic.

Brother Ginsberg was raised in the conservative movement, kept kosher and was very highly involved with USY. He became regional president and was on the International Executive Board. After high school he became a non-degree seeking student at Florida Atlantic University, taking minimum requirements for classes. Being involved in the Jewish community in South Florida, I had a couple of friends who were going to FAU that were involved with AEPi for a couple of years.” The Brothers invited him to some rush events and he enjoyed hanging out with the guys that were in the chapter. It felt comfortable being around like-minded people who were raised with a similar Jewish upbringing one way or another. It didn’t really matter how religious you were, it just mattered that you understood each other at a basic level just because we were all Jewish.” He found it crucial and invaluable to have a group of people in this new stage of his life to support, grow and learn with him. I think one of the most important things I ever did in my life was to join AEPi for that reason.”

After earning an International Executive Board position in USY, Brother Ginsberg thought that he didnt need any more extracurricular leadership positions. But one thing leads to another and in AEPi, I ended up doing basic stuff at first like serving as social chair, formal chair, and then ended up serving on E-board as Sentinel.” Some of his favorite memories were traveling and being at formals with his best friends. He also enjoyed going to Conclaves (Regional Retreats), meeting Brothers from different chapters and seeing Brothers that he knew from his time in USY. You can meet a bunch of people from different places and you’re instantly best friends because of your Jewish background.”

Originally, Brother Ginsberg was helping ApparelMagic with building a new version of the software from the ground up. In 2019, Brother Ginsberg ended up taking over as CEO, which expanded his responsibilities. I am still doing a lot of the software development thankfully. I’m fortunate enough to wear a lot of different hats within the business…which I enjoy.”

ApparelMagic is a one-stop business management tool built specifically for fashion companies. It’s an enterprise resource for planning software (ERP). Instead of having to integrate fashion and design tools into it, like other software, all the tools are already built into the system. It has tools built in for the designers to create tech packs, bill of materials, and specs, integrating with Adobe Illustrator as well as web store platforms like Shopify. They cast a wide net working with the backbone of the fashion industry including everyone from small brands to massive wholesalers selling to Walmart, Nordstrom and Macys. We’ve worked with a lot of different types of brands such as mom and pop shops and huge designers like LaQuan Smith, Frankies Bikinis, Jonathan Simkhai, Aimé Leon Dore and more. Some of the clothes were even featured on the red carpet in the recent Met Gala.”

Brother Ginsberg enjoys building out new features such as a fully integrated B2B E-Commerce portal and an AI-powered inventory forecasting tool. As a blockchain veteran, hes also excited about experimenting with helping brands launch Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and integrating AI into business workflows. The plan is to aggressivelycontinue growth and expand the footprint of ApparelMagic and its capabilities.”

The biggest thing is: don’t be afraid to take risks. Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and put in the work too. Some people just expect to get rich quickly and some people are obsessed with the concept of becoming the next Bitcoin millionaire. It just doesn’t happen overnight. If you take risks, persevere through failure, and you truly put in the work to build something incredible, you really can’t go wrong.”