Shabbat Across AEPi – Celebrating 108 Years

Shabbat Across AEPi is that one special time every year when brothers from across the world celebrate the founding of Alpha Epsilon Pi on the holy Shabbat. It is an event that embraces both our Jewish heritage as well as our Fraternal heritage. As we celebrate 108 years since the founding of our Fraternity by the Immortal Eleven, we are connecting with the traditions that the Jewish people have done for thousands of years.

Not only does this event allow Brothers to connect with each other and our Jewish heritage but it also allows Chapters to connect with other organizations on campus. For example at the University of Hartford AEPi Chapter, Brothers coordinate with Chabad Chevra at Hartford to have shabbat dinner, cake, guest speakers, help set up and clean up.




“I really enjoyed spending shabbat with the brothers” – Josh Fromowitz

“It was great to show off my Jewish pride” – Sam Ostrow

“This was a fun event to put on and I am happy the brothers enjoyed themselves.” – Matt Engler

A product of the 2011 Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference, Shabbat Across AEPi has grown to be one of our largest programs.

Chapters worldwide give substance to our international Brotherhood by simultaneously hosting a Shabbat dinner the Friday before or following AEPi Founders Day – November 7. This can be the traditional chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans meal, or your chapter can put its own twist on it! Chapters can receive a grant from the AEPi Foundation for up to $150 for this event.