FridayPiDay — Brother Zach Loeb (CU – Boulder, 1997)

“Starting a wellness company focused on the workplace in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t really in my plans, but I’ve been able to make it work by helping others to focus on mindfulness and wellness,” said Brother Zach Loeb, (Colorado, 1997).

And, now, working to help employees and employers as they head back to work in the office has become a central focus.

Following graduation, Brother Loeb began his professional career as a recruiter, eventually making his way to Los Angeles and working in the talent agency business. “I enjoyed that career and started getting more into career counseling and coaching. I began talking with people about using intuition in your career and how to develop intuition. This led to a speaking engagement at a TEDx event in 2018.”

A couple of years later, Brother Loeb started his own firm, The New Agency, to help companies increase employee productivity, improve employee happiness and loyalty and cultivate a balanced work/life environment,

“I’m trying to teach people to understand and explore their own natural and innate abilities utilizing a framework of tactics such as yoga and focusing on mindfulness,” said Brother Loeb.

“Today, the issue of work/life balance is at the forefront of people’s minds. When you’re working from home, how do you find or create that separation?” At the same time, though, people are beginning to head back to office environments and the issues can be just as complicated.

“Companies need to talk with their employees about how comfortable they are coming back to the office and they may need to be even more accommodating about letting employees ease back into the environment. They also may need to understand that they will have to get away from a cubicle environment and get people into offices.

In his new venture, Brother Loeb “connect with people who are offering interesting programs and helps get them into the corporate world.” Whether that is a yoga instructor from Bali or meditation experts, Brother Loeb finds companies looking to offer a program for their teams and brings them something new in the arena.

“Meditation is a great starting point and one of the most important things you can do or offer in this arena. It can cause a shift in your demeanor and change how people perceive you and how you perceive the world.”

“When I was a freshman at Boulder, a couple of guys knocked on my door – we used to call it dormstorming (editor’s note: we still do) and they invited me to AEPi. I went down there and liked everybody, and it just stuck. I never thought I would join a fraternity but AEPi just felt like home.”