FridayPiday: Ben Kestenbaum (Drexel, 2022) and Michael Warshowsky (Drexel, 2023)

As we head into the tenth month of the pandemic, we’re all looking for more opportunities to engage and collaborate. Brothers Michael Warshowsky (Drexel, 2023), Gav Blaxberg (Drexel, 2021) and Ben Kestenbaum (Drexel, 2022) have developed a platform which combines this need for social interaction and collaboration with the need for investors to obtain information on companies and investment strategies.

With the Brothers having an interest in finance, they decided to change the dire issue of illiteracy within the world of finance with the WOLF Financial app. Essentially, the app provides investment analyses and content from verified financial professionals. With the pandemic in full force during March, WOLF’s co-founders decided to immediately begin work on the app.

Brother Ben Kestenbaum

“The problem that we identified in January was perpetuated by the shutdown in March, and the need for a solution became much more urgent. Once we realized this, we hit the ground running and just pushed it out,” Kestenbaum said.

After January, the Brothers were in the planning stage of their business. They wanted to find solutions to any possible issues and make sure there were no outlying liabilities in the company. In March, they were ready to build their app and productively used their time during the shutdown of Drexel’s campus and the nation.

Brother Michael Warshowsky

“We’re giving investors – especially entry level investors – a community and access to information that they didn’t have,” said Brother Warshowsky. Since launching in the fall of 2020, the company’s website ( and app (available in both Android and iOS) have taken off with more than 400 users and a cumulative audience of over four million. “We’re currently in an Alpha live version and are planning to launch version 2.0 later this month with new content, new portfolio screens, premium content from content creators and better and more varied analysis.”

The three Brothers have relied on help and support from their other Delta Rho Brothers to get this venture up and running. “We’re kind of a ‘finance-themed’ fraternity so we had a lot of guys giving us input from the beginning. Some of our Brothers are also helping with the marketing of the site and app.”

In October, Drexel University’s Charles Close School of Entrepreneurship held its annual Start-Up Fest. While previous years found hundreds of entrepreneurs gathering in one setting, this year’s competition was completely virtual. That didn’t deter WOLF Financial, which won a total of $15,000 for their business idea. They’ve won a variety of other startup and pitch competitions focusing on the social aspects of the company.

Brothers Warshowsky and Kestenbaum continue to work towards their degree while putting time into the company while Brother Blaxberg intends to begin working full time for WOLF upon graduation later this year. Bringing the concept of Brotherhood and social interaction to the world of finance in the middle of a pandemic is just the first step for these young entrepreneurs.

For more information, visit or download the app from the Android or iOS app store.