Jim’s Journal: #AEPI107

It’s convention week here at AEPi International but it sure doesn’t feel like it. As you know, we’ve taken #AEPi107 virtual in order to best protect our Brothers and guests. So, we’re all busy putting together our plans but without some (but not all) of the usual furor and anxiety.

This year’s convention will be focusing on a number of important basics: Our values. AEPi’s impact on our alumni, campuses and communities. Leadership. Health and Safety in the Age of COVID.

I’ve long said that the best part of AEPi’s International conventions is the relationships you make with your fellow Brothers and our alumni. Unfortunately, we won’t have that opportunity this year. For that, I am very disappointed. I have met some of my closest friends at our conventions and I look forward to meeting with undergraduates and alumni each year and renewing those relationships and making new ones. Let’s hope that by next summer we can get this all sorted out and enjoy #AEPi108.

This year’s virtual convention will offer you plenty of learning opportunities and important sessions to make you a better chapter leader and improve you as a person. Please join us – online – this year! You can attend as many sessions as you would like, and registration is free! Click here for more information.

In addition to #AEPi107, our undergraduates will have an amazing summer-long opportunity to participate in our world-class Summer Leadership Series, providing undergraduate Brothers a variety of additional leadership learning opportunities. These programs will also be virtual this year but promise to offer engaging, thoughtful and motivational programs for undergraduate Brothers who apply and are accepted to the program. Our three programs this year – The Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment and Tikkun Olam Conferences and The Michael A. Leven Advanced Leadership Institute – will give you unbelievable opportunities to become better citizens, Jews and leaders. I promise, you will not regret participating in these programs. For more information, click here and you can register through MyAEPi.

I hope to see you – if only virtually – at convention this summer! Next Year in Orlando!