Jim’s Journal: Keep Moving Forward

A month ago, I wrote in this space that we need to keep working to ensure that this situation we are in doesn’t become the “new normal.” I still feel that way. I put my faith and trust in our scientists and medical professionals that someday soon, this struggle will be behind us.

But, until that day comes, we must make some important and difficult decisions. Yesterday, we had to announce that our International Convention scheduled to take place in Atlanta, GA has been canceled. While we’re hopeful that we will be able to hold some sort of in-person or virtual event, our overriding concern must be for the safety and health of our Brothers and guests.

The fraternity and foundation staff have done an amazing job putting together a comprehensive virtual program for our undergraduate and alumni Brothers. AEPiConnect provides our Brothers with thought-provoking and entertaining programs to help them learn, connect and get motivated. And, if they’re bored during quarantine, we’ve got some ideas to help them have some fun and pass the time! I hope you’ll take some time to check out AEPiConnect as we continue to add new programs and offerings.

We’re going to take the same creative and positive approach that produced AEPiConnect to make sure that our Summer Leadership Series of undergraduate programs – the Michael A. Leven Advanced Leadership Institute and the Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference – will be conducted virtually for accepted undergraduate Brothers. I strongly encourage our undergraduate Brothers to check out these programs and fill out their application on MyAEPi.

Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t all be together this summer and that’s really the most disappointing thing. The friendships gained, the lessons learned, the connections made and the fraternal spirits which are lifted are the best parts of our conventions. I can’t wait until we’re able to meet again.

Until then, though, we’re going to do everything possible to keep moving forward, helping our Brothers to succeed on their campuses or in their careers and working to fulfill our mission of developing the future leadership of the world’s Jewish communities.