15 May, 2019

Make the Most of Summer

15 May, 2019

Those frantic finals are (for the most part) finally behind us (phew!). You’ll have a lot of free time this summer to hit the beach and play Apex Legends, but how else can you take advantage of summer 2019? Get ahead with these four tips:

Land an internship through your AEPi network.

You might need one for credit hours or just want to add to your experience and resume. Interning over summer is extremely popular and companies are always looking for hardworking college students. Flex your networking skills and leverage your AEPi connections to get ahead. AEPi Brothers and professionals who are part of fraternities/sororities love to hire/help other greeks. Sometimes, all it takes is an email, call or LinkedIn message. Check out AEPi’s official LinkedIn page here.

Lead professionally and grow spiritually through AEPi’s Summer Leadership Series.

This one takes a bit of commitment, but what’s AEPi without it? You may have heard about the Leven Leadership Institute and Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference from Brothers who have attended International Convention. These programs are part of our Summer Leadership Series, and are all about leadership development. Hineni offers two tracks dedicated to exploring Jewish leadership and preservation, while our Leven Institute offers professional development for rising Juniors and Seniors. Both give you unprecedented one-on-one access to notable alumni who will expand your thinking when it comes to leadership. Oh, about the commitment part: it includes a trip to Washington, D.C., as it’s part of International Convention, detailed below.

Start your chapter off fresh at International Convention.

It’s been said that the best thing about International Convention is simply everything. Six-hundred Brothers from six different countries will come together and represent their chapters at the highest level this year in Washington, D.C. AEPi’s 106th International Convention gives you the opportunity to learn best practices whether you’re a Brother who is on or off of executive board including rush, philanthropy, housing and general motivation. You can also witness the scope of AEPi worldwide while kicking back with our most involved alumni (who also want to hook Brothers up with jobs!). Either way, a weekend in D.C. with the bros – at a much cheaper than usual, subsidized rate – can’t hurt in your search for experiences this summer. For more information and to register, head to aepi.org/106.

Can’t be bothered to travel? Get ahead virtually.

As part of the Michael A. Leven Leadership Institute mentioned earlier, AEPi is offering an online component that is open year-round to rising Juniors and Seniors. The “Leven Program” lets you interact with alumni and undergraduates, achieve set goals to help you develop your skills and offers incentives for being outspoken about AEPi. To join, send an email to Director of Growth and Development, Kyle Whitlock.