How to Get Your Very Own MyZuzah

AEPi is excited to announce its new partnership with MyZuzah! MyZuzah believes in connecting and protecting all Jews by putting a mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home. A touchpoint that unites all Jews, the mezuzah’s mystical power has connected and protected the Jewish people since the Exodus.

Together, AEPi is working with MyZuzah to deliver Mezuzahs to our Brothers in housed and unhoused chapters.

To get yours, two things need to happen:

First, you must contact me with information about your chapter and the amount of mezuzahs needed.

Second, you must hold an event while you put the mezuzahs up. 

Make the hanging of your mezuzahs a special event by inviting your local authorities to your house for a barbecue/dinner, to find out more about what they do and teach them about why you are hanging the mezuzahs. Document the event and be sure to send me photos or tag @alphaepsilonpi on Instagram and @AEPi on Twitter. In response to the rise of anti-Semitic incidents on campuses and in communities worldwide, this event encourages our Brothers to create relationships with local law enforcement. Make sure that both campus security and the local authorities are aware that your house is a place where Jews live and congregate. Make sure that they are aware of religious or cultural events you may be holding which are highly publicized and may create a larger need for security.

This creates a positive relationship between the police and the chapter, bonds them to the house and reminds them that some places may need a little more attention. That way, we also show our thanks and support for those who work to keep us safe.

More about the Mezuzah:

Our origin story begins with where the mezuzahs started. The idea of the mezuzah was first referenced in the story of Exodus. When the Israelites were asked to mark their door with a sign to know which houses will be spared during the last plague – the killing of the firstborn (you remember this story from your Passover Seders, right?). Homes that were scored were spread, and that was the beginning of the divine security system- you cannot get in if you do not belong.

Later you hear that Jews were asked to put them on door frames in Deuteronomy and the Ve’Haavta/Shma prayer.

This is also why on the reverse side of the mezuzah scroll is the Hebrew name of God, Shaddai. This name is an acronym for “Guardian of the Doors of Israel.” Shin, the first letter of this Name, often appears on the mezuzah case.

TL;DR: The mezuzah is the divine security system. But, in 2019, sadly, Jews need more than just the divine security system.