07 Aug, 2018

Summer Leadership Series: Pre-Convention Day 2

07 Aug, 2018

Day two of our Summer Advanced Leadership Conferences was packed full of programming and community service. Read a quick digest of each conference below:

Michael A. Leven Advanced Leadership Institute
Leven Leaders continued working their way through the L.E.V.E.N. Learning Model. Brother Mark Polson taught brothers the vital skill of thinking outside of the box while discussing innovation and creativity. The rest of the day included continued meetings with Leven Facilitators and a career panel with George Weisz (Arizona, 1973), Todd Maurer (UT Austin, 1993) and Ari Ryan (Southern California, 1997) to work on their assigned case studies. A Leven Leadership dinner and reception concluded the day.

Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference – Jewish Identity
Jewish Identity attendees spent the morning doing a community service project for battered women and children in the Phoenix community. Back at the hotel, Rabbi Klatzko conversed with brothers about the importance of being a giver and not a taker. “The giving muscle is the toughest muscle to work out…the biggest mazel in life is knowing that giving will not make you poor.”

Summer Civic Engagement Conference
Joining both Hineni tracks, brothers also dedicated time to women and children in need living in the Phoenix community. Afterwards, attendees learned how to prepare their campaign teams and fundraisers from Civic Engagement Coordinator Scott Gerstel (Central Florida, 2018). They also heard from Chief of Programming Jonathan Bridge (VCU, 2013) about public speaking and sponsorships. Finally, attendees had a conversation with real estate investor Todd Maurer (UT Austin, 1993) about what learning to lead without a title really means.

Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference – Tikkun Olam
Brothers joined Jewish Identity attendees in assisting battered women and children of the Phoenix community. After returning, brothers heard moving first-hand experiences from combat veteran, Harrison Manyoma, about how Israel gave him the spirit to continue after suffering from PTSD. “Don’t thank me for my service. Instead, tell more people about what Heroes to Heroes does for others like me.”

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