15 Jun, 2018

An Important Message from AEPi CEO Jim Fleischer

15 Jun, 2018

Two lawsuits have been filed against Alpha Epsilon Pi staff and several dedicated volunteers by Michael Fishel, a disgruntled former board member. These suits are a continuation of the issues raised last summer, all of which were answered completely by the fraternity.

In short, the suits allege a number of infractions which, again, have been discussed and, where appropriate, investigated and found to be baseless. The fraternity’s finances and financial procedures have been appropriately reviewed and it was concluded that there are no issues.

In his letter notifying the fraternity of his lawsuit, Mr. Fishel offered to withdraw his suit if the alumni members of the Supreme Board of Governors and most of the Fiscal Control Board resign and he be made Supreme Master. In our opinions, this continues a long series of self-serving actions made by Mr. Fishel. We believe this explains his motivation for filing these frivolous suits.

Until he tendered his unforced resignation, Mr. Fishel served 10 years on the fraternity’s board of directors and was a welcomed and valued board member. During that time he was integrally involved in the leadership and fiscal stewardship of the fraternity. We are incredibly saddened by his puzzling decision to file meritless claims against the fraternity and many of its volunteers.

Alpha Epsilon Pi will vigorously fight these frivolous lawsuits and not let them distract us from continuing on our mission to develop the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities.

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