30 Apr, 2018

Convention Registration Made Easy

Vegas Registration
30 Apr, 2018

Didn’t get the convention email? Follow this guide to help get you and your brothers to Phoenix this year for Alpha Epsilon Pi’s 105th International Convention.

1. Choose How Many

Decide how many brothers you would like to room with – one, two, three or four. The more brothers you room with, the lower the cost of registration. Brothers may request to room together but assignments are not guaranteed. 

2. Decide How Long

There are three options when it comes to the length of convention registration. Undergraduate brothers are encouraged to stay for the full length of convention, that’s Full Registration. If you’re an alumnus who can only make it for the weekend, Weekend Registration is for you. If you can only make it for the banquet on Saturday night, Banquet Only Registration is also available.

3. Get Reimbursed

Chief delegates (highest ranking officer present) and house manager/rush chair (to be chosen by the International office) will receive a travel reimbursement and a $275 reimbursement for convention. 

Any brothers who are participating in the Summer Leadership Series (pre-conferences) – Hineni, Civics or the Leven Institute – will also receive a travel subsidy and money off of the convention registration. Brothers participating in the Summer Leadership Series as chief delegate or house manager/rush chair may receive one discount, the higher of the two.

For undergraduate brothers to be eligible for any reimbursement, they must register under Full Registration and attend all necessary break-outs.

Register Now!

Check our convention FAQ if you still have questions or contact Sarah Simons, director of membership services at [email protected] or 317-876-1913.