12 Mar, 2018

AEPi’s Top Picks for Mensch Madness

Mensch Madness 1080 x 300
12 Mar, 2018

AEPi’s annual Mensch Madness Bracket Challenge is well underway as 192 AEPi chapters compete for title of 2018 Mensch Madness Champion.

Anyone from brothers, family, friends and partners can submit a bracket for Mensch Madness and enter for a chance to win prizes. $500 will go to the the participant who fills out the most accurate bracket while the chapter that garners the most participation under its name will be awarded the Charles C. Moskowitz trophy!

Much like March Madness, chapters are primed for fierce competition. It’s early, but the competition between chapters in this year’s challenge is already starting to heat up. Such as Tulane (Tau Upsilon) of 2017, there are many chapters to keep an eye on this year.

Here’s a look at the top picks from International Headquarters.

AEPi IHQ Picks:

1 – Boston University: The boys of Zeta Deuteron are out for blood. Winning two years in a row in 2015 and 2016 then narrowly losing to Tulane in last year’s tournament in the final minutes is what’s fueling this 43-brother-strong chapter. IHQ has this chapter going all the way.

2 – Kennesaw State University: Although this chapter is small at just 18 brothers, the brothers of Gamma Pi colony have come in a consistent second place for 3 years running, and IHQ can’t help but root for them.

3 – Binghamton University: An early surprise at the top of the leaderboards, this chapter has a chance to make some noise in the challenge over the next few days. IHQ is keeping an eye on this chapter’s progress early on.

4 – Florida Gulf Coast University: A small chapter that has consistently kept itself in the top five over the past few years, it has taken an early lead in the challenge and looks to claim its first Mensch Madness trophy this March. The team might not have made it to the Sweet 16 but do not sleep on the Delta Chi “Dunk City” chapter.

5 – Florida Atlantic University: A larger chapter that has made an early push for the top spot. Currently sitting in second place on the leaderboard, FAU looks to overtake their I-75 rival over the next few days. Since this chapter has an above average amount of brothers (60) and is already right behind that top spot, IHQ has them on their radar to make a big push.

Of course, it is still far too early to determine a clear winner. Any chapter is capable of making a late run and pulling ahead to bring home that Charles C. Moskowitz trophy. 

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how your chapter is doing and fill out your brackets before Thursday, March 15 to help them win!