21 Dec, 2017

‘Chanukit’ for Chanukah

21 Dec, 2017

Chanukah Harry brought our undergraduate brothers Chanukits this year as they gathered to light the Chanukiah! A small, navy blue box, the Chanukit gave brothers all the necessary supplies for experiencing the eight-night long holiday and was gifted to 110 chapters this holiday season.

Moshe Lencer (IDC, 2015), AEPi’s director of Jewish enrichment and education, heard of the request from Jordan Landauer (Northern Illinois, 2018) and ran with it.

“As the Jewish fraternity, we want our brothers to be proudly Jewish and have the opportunity to participate in Jewish holidays and traditions. The Chanukits infuse education into the fraternity experience,” said Lencer.

This is why the kit includes a Chanukiah, candles, AEPi-branded gelt and matches, English and Hebrew dreidels and a prayer card with step-by-step instructions and explanations.

“The feedback had been great. Brothers don’t have to spend money on the supplies and the included prayer card is in Hebrew and English. No Googling necessary for the correct prayers.”

The Chanukit is the second experiential learning opportunity available for AEPi chapters. Earlier this semester before Shabbat Across AEPi, IHQ introduced the Shabbag — full of everything needed for brothers to celebrate Shabbat together.

Chanukits and Shabbags are pieces of AEPi’s Jewish Programming Year. For more information, please contact Jonathan Bridge, chief programming officer and Lorber director of Jewish leadership and programming.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Chanukah!