21 Nov, 2017

Making Food Security in Africa a Reality

21 Nov, 2017

Brothers of AEPi believe in giving back in the spirit of Tikkun Olam and do so through our Official Philanthropy Program (OPP). Through the hard work of our undergraduate brothers, AEPi has raised more than $1.7 million dollars for OPP’s ten beneficiaries, including Israeli nonprofit Innovation: Africa (iA).

Through a five-year partnership with iA, AEPi’s philanthropic efforts have helped to bring much needed nutrition and food security to an African community.

In 2015, AEPi agreed to donate $100,000 to iA over the course of five years. The funds would go toward installing Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to a rural African village in need. Together with iA’s team, brothers decided on adopting Kaputalambwe Village in Malawi. The village will not show up on your Google map search, but these images will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Kaputalambwe Drip Irrigation

Using the funds, the first project undertaken was installing a solar water pumping system and four water taps to provide clean water. The second project was installing Israeli-designed drip irrigation technology within Kaputalambwe itself.

As of today, nearly 15,000 people now have access to two of life’s most basic needs: clean water and proper food security/nutrition.

More than 20 men and women are working at Kaputalambwe as a collective, growing different crops on the drip irrigation plot. They are planting beans, maize, cabbage, carrots and more. With the help of iA’s trained agronomists at their side, the group plans to divide the harvest for their families’ subsistence and sell the surplus crops in the local market for additional profit.

Kaputalambwe Drip Irrigation

Innovation: Africa is thrilled to have such a strong bond and partnership with AEPi brothers across the country. From installing solar energy and providing access to clean water and food security in Kaputalambwe Village, Malawi, we know the future is bright for more collaborations with AEPi! On behalf of the entire iA team, thank you for everything you have been able to do until now – truly impacting, transforming and empowering the lives of community members in Kaputalambwe Village now and forever,” said Genna Brand, iA director of communication.

Innovation: Africa is on a mission to bring innovative Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages. The organization has provided one million people across Africa with access to vaccines, light and water.

Check out out a special message from the people of Kaputalambwe Village below: