18 Sep, 2017

AEPi at Tennessee Joins Fraternity Row

AEPi at Tennessee
18 Sep, 2017

Alpha Epsilon Pi at the University of Tennessee (Psi Deuteron) has accomplished what no Jewish organization on campus has in decades: secure a house on fraternity row, making it the only Jewish organization with a brick and mortar location on campus.

The brothers hope that this house will give them an opportunity for major growth and will help them realize their dream of strengthening the Jewish community on campus.

“The house is going to change everything. We’ll get more exposure, and those Jewish guys who are looking for a more traditional Greek experience will be able to get that with us now,” says current Rush Chair and Past Master Brother Jake McCoy (2018). “We’re expecting fall rush to be a huge success for us this year.”

The 2017-18 academic year will be known as the “AEPi House” by the brothers. The colony has been operating without an official house since its re-founding in 2014.

“It’s crazy how we were able to pull it off,” says newly appointed House Manager Brother Dan Revere (2018).

Esponda Associates, Inc. Managing Director Rob Derdiger said that In this case, the chapter did much of the heavy lifting. Esponda helped the chapter by providing free operational and legal reviews of the contracts provided by the property owners and the university.”

ESPONDA Associates, Inc. the third entity of AEPi, is a full-service not-for-profit asset and property management company specializing in fraternity housing established in 2010.

“Having witnessed the overall poor treatment of students by private landlords and the prevalence of unsafe conditions in privately held housing stock on college campuses across the country, Esponda and the fraternity feel that it is important to provide safe housing wherever we can. The residential fraternity experience also provides a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for leadership development and growth that we are proud to provide for over 1,100 students each year,” continued Derdiger.

“We are thrilled that there is now a housed chapter at Tennessee and hope that the opportunity will help them to grow at this early stage of their presence on campus.”