12 Sep, 2017

Synagogue Connect – Free High Holiday Tickets

12 Sep, 2017

Find yourself away from home or off-campus for the upcoming High Holidays? Fear not. AEPi, in partnership with Synagogue Connect, proudly offers free admission to more than 700 congregations this holiday season.

Synagogue Connect, hosted by AEPi, is a free online database allowing users to search for congregations within a radius of a location of their choice. It is open to all Jewish undergraduate and graduate students aged 18-26. Students just have to notify the synagogue in advance of the holiday that they will be attending and show a college ID. Be sure to confirm the times of the services and the location and address where services are taking place.

Synagogue Connect was started in 2016 by Rabbi Ronald Brown and Rabbi Charles Klein, both AEPi brothers.

“We want to do everything possible to provide more opportunities for our brothers and all Jewish college students to have a meaningful experience during the upcoming High Holidays. Of course, many of our brothers will participate in on-campus services at Hillel and Chabad and we encourage that, but this provides additional opportunities on some campuses and for all students,” said AEPi Executive Director Andrew Borans.

Get your free tickets to High Holiday services here.