14 Aug, 2017

2017-2018 Undergraduate Supreme Governors Elected

14 Aug, 2017

Danny Goldberg (Arizona State, 2019) and Adam Silverstein (Florida State, 2018) to serve as 2017-2018 Undergraduate Supreme Governors.

The Undergraduate Supreme Governor (USG), of which there are two, are unique positions on AEPi’s Supreme Board of Governors (SBG). Like the name suggests, USGs are undergraduates who represent their fellow brothers on the SBG for a maximum term of one year.

At this year’s sitting of the Supreme Council, 13 brothers were nominated for the position (in order):

Francisco Torres Rojo (Yale, 2018)

Brandon Kaufman (California State – Northridge, 2018)

Danny Goldberg (Arizona State, 2019)

Max Schnaper (Drexel, 2019)

Dov Kirschner (Queens College, 2019)

Ross Baron (Rowan, 2019)

Elad Schreiber (IDC, 2018)

Alex Feinberg (Minnesota, 2018)

Seth Yarus (Georgia Southern, 2018)

Adam Silverstein (Florida State, 2018)

Dylan Nowogrodski (Ryerson, 2019)

Menachem Schandelson (Florida Atlantic, 2018)

Sebastian Feldman (California State – Fullerton, 2019)

Hailing from all over the U.S. and even Israel, the 2017 nominations were more diverse than ever.

In a run-off style election facilitated by Chief Teller Evan Derrow (Northwestern, 2011), brothers had two minutes to give their speeches to 190+ voting chief delegates.

“There are two separate elections where run-offs are used to keep voting on smaller and smaller candidate pools until one candidate receives at least 51 percent of votes. Once the first candidate was elected (Adam Silverstein), the other 12 candidates were put back on the list for the second election which used the same process. Danny Goldberg won the second election, and the second-place finisher in that election, Seth Yarus, was elected as Alternate,” said Derrow.

Derrow has been taking minutes for Supreme Council for eight years and has served as chief teller for the past three years. In that role, he introduced electronic voting to the process.

After tallying the votes, the next USGs were promptly sworn in.