12 Aug, 2016

FridayPiday: Scott Cohon (Wayne State, 1991)

Scott Cohon (Wayne State, 1991)
12 Aug, 2016

Sometime later today (Friday, August 12), the 103rd Supreme Council of Alpha Epsilon Pi will elect Brother Scott Cohon (Wayne State, 1991) as Supreme Master of Alpha Epsilon Pi. He’s being featured today to highlight his experiences and commitment to Alpha Epsilon Pi.

“In our pledge manual, it tells us that the fraternity is a learning laboratory – I can tell you, though, that some of the stuff that grew in our disgusting fraternity house, wouldn’t have grown anywhere else…seriously, though, I learned so much from my time in AEPi that I still use today that I can’t think of any better place to develop leadership skills.”

Brother Cohon matriculated at Michigan State in 1987 and graduated from Wayne State in 1991. After graduation, he worked for the fraternity for eight years (with one year off for good behavior)in a variety of roles, including as a chapter consultant and Director of Risk Management.

Today, he works for a pharmaceutical company in South Florida and lives in Boca Raton with his wife, Annat, and his two children, Mark (15) and Shayna (13).

“As Supreme Master, I’m looking to the examples set by many mentors in the fraternity like Steve Bernstein, Don Rudick, Andy Borans and Richard Stein. They taught me early on that the fraternity is a larger entity than just your chapter or your region. They taught me the true meaning of being a mensch and paying it forward so that younger alums and undergrads learn that it is a lifelong experience.”

“I want to use my time in office to make sure our undergrads hear that message and to help support our staff. I want to get more alumni involved in working with our undergrads to make a difference in their chapters and their lives. Our fraternity makes a difference in leadership development, in the Jewish community and in building philanthropies. Nothing is more important than that.”

“I wouldn’t trade my experiences in AEPi for anything. Some of closest friends came from the fraternity; they were the groomsmen in my wedding and will always be my lifelong friends. I love giving back to AEPi because I know that I’ll never be able to give back what it has given me.”


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