10 Jun, 2016

FridayPiday: Dan Khalili (UC Irvine, 2008)

Dan Khalili (UC Irvine, 2008)
10 Jun, 2016

Dan Khalili (UC – Irvine, 2008) works for the Corona Fire Department in Corona, CA as a firefighter/paramedic. In addition to serving the community for more than 117 years, Brother Khalili‘s department regularly hosts fundraisers for members of the Corona community.

“Last year, we helped raise money for the Sheridan family and their four-year-old son, Tayvin, who was born five weeks premature and with a hypoplastic right heart, meaning the right side of his heart is extremely underdeveloped,” Brother Khalili said.

Tayvin was also born with an underdeveloped right arm, right ear and right side facial paralysis. He has received physical therapy since he was 10 weeks old and has undergone two major heart surgeries. In July, he is scheduled to have a heart bypass surgery and then an ear reconstructive surgery after that. Aside from his medical challenges, Tayvin is a smart, energetic and rambunctious kid like any other almost 5 year old.

Inspired by Tayvin’s story, Brother Khalili, who is an avid long distance runner, decided to compete in the July 30th Ironman Vineman triathlon in Sonoma Valley. He is dedicating his first triathlon—a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run all done in less than one day—to Tayvin and his family for his upcoming surgery.

“Most of the races I’ve done in the past have been just for me, but learning more about Tayvin and his family, I thought this race was the perfect opportunity to do something more. It just made sense to me. And Tayvin’s toughness and tenacity is exactly the kind of motivation I need to make it to the finish line.”

To learn more about Tayvin and support Brother Khalili’s run, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/IronmanForTayvin.


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