Tau Omega chapter support campaign
raised of $25,000.00
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A message from the undergraduate Brothers of Tau Omega Chapter:

Hello Fellow Tau Omega Brothers!

As you may have heard, we are happy to announce that Tau Omega chapter has a new permanent home! We are incredibly excited and looking forward to hosting you all here once everyone is vaccinated and safe. 

Until then, however, we are here to ask for your help! We’re looking for generous family members and alumni who are willing to help us in raising money for amenities that all Brothers, both present and alumni can enjoy. These include chapter letters for the side of the house, mezuzot for the rooms, a basketball backboard and net, barbeque, and a fire pit. 

As a thank you for your contribution, we’ll be engraving all donors’ names on a special “ground-floor” plaque which we will put up inside the house. Our fundraising goal is $25,000, which will provide enough money for all the aforementioned items (each subgoal includes the price of the previous subgoal):

  • Sub-Goal 1: $1,000 for Mezuzot

  • Sub-Goal 2: $1,400 for Insignia/Letters

  • Sub-Goal 3: $2,200 for BBQ

  • Sub-Goal 4: $2,800 for Basketball Net

  • Sub-Goal 5: $3,200 for Fire Pit

  • The rest of the funds will go straight towards our chapter room and house amenities, including

    • Renovation costs for the chapter room

    • Furniture for the chapter room

    • AEPi articles (Flags, merchandise, etc.)

We’re really excited to get a chapter room properly renovated and ready for meetings, events, philanthropies, and general good times while balancing brother dues to ensure that as many Jewish boys can become brothers without too much additional financial strain.

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In addition, we are looking to have the following type of items donated for the undergraduate residents
to have in the house:

  • Outdoor and Patio furniture 

  • Sofas 

  • Beds and Bedside tables, and Wardrobes 

  • Desks and Chairs

Thank you in advance for helping us out, we’re looking forward to shooting hoops and flipping burgers with you all soon!


Current Tau Omega Brothers

Photos of the house