This Founders Day, we are highlighting our Brothers’ unique artistic abilities from across the world. Be it singing, comedy, skateboarding, magic tricks, or anything else, you are invited to join us in celebrating Founders Day. Join us on Zoom to watch our Brothers’ submissions.

Two winners will emerge from each division to make it to the final four! Purchasing a general ticket will allow you to watch the Talent Show and vote in every round. If you have any questions, please contact Reuben Dreiblatt at [email protected].

All proceeds from the Founders Day Talent Show go to the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation to support AEPi Brothers around the world. The Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation is a registered 501c(3), all proceeds are considered donations and will be counted towards the Founders Day Challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Divisional Rounds and the Final Four will take place at 2pm ET on Zoom. If you are a participant you must show up to the Zoom or you will be disqualified. If you purchased a General Ticket and want to vote you have to show up to the Zoom, as well.

On 10/25, 11/01, & 11/08 the performances will be streamed on Zoom with the panel of judges and an emcee. If you would like to watch the performances, there is General Ticket available below for an $18 dollar donation which will allow you to view and vote in the Divisional Round and Final Four (your vote counts for 25% with the judges making up the rest).

At the end of each divisional round and the Final Four there will be a Zoom poll where you will have one vote for the participant of your choice.

After you purchase a general ticket your receipt will contain a link to register for the Zoom. You must click the Zoom link and register ahead of time! We will check when people join the zoom to confirm they are a participant or have purchased a general ticket.