Howard Lorber

(C.W. Post, 1970)

Kevin Rader

(Boston Univ., 1990)

roger formal pictures 004

Roger Terrone

(Florida, 1979)

Golf tickets are $185 per golfer and Banquet tickets are $175 per person with special deals on all day tickets!

All participating golfers receive entry into the Scramble Golf Tournament, a made to order lunch, and invitation to the golf awards and raffle drawing.

We are excited to safely get together, in-person, after so many months! As it relates to COVID-19, all guests are required to follow the venue’s instructions, CDC guidelines and local government policies. Should things change resulting in the need to postpone this program, we will send out a notice 24 hours ahead.

Date and time

Mon, December 13, 2021
Golf Tournament begins at 12:00 PM
Banquet Dinner begins at 5:30 PM


The Club at Emerald Hills
4100 N Hills Dr
Hollywood, FL 33021

Honorary co-chairman

Philip H. Cohen, Alpha, 1957

Scott D. Knapp, Phi Tau, 2002

Host Committee

Ian M. Berkowitz, Pi, 1988

Andrew S. Borans, Phi Tau, 1980

Jordan Bresalier, Nu Delta, 2016

Jonathan Bridge, Epsilon Pi, 2013

Barry N. Burak, Phi Gamma, 1967

Perry Chencin, Delta Chi, 2016

Scott A. Cohon, Xi, 1991

Eric I Farbman, Tau Delta, 2006

Jay S. Feldman, Nu Delta, 2003

Ronald S. Friedman, Phi Gamma, 1983

Steven A. Geller, Phi Tau, 1979

Matthew E. Gordon, Phi Alpha, 1996

Avi D. Gordon, Beta Nu, 2010

Douglas M. Grant, Alpha Epsilon, 1988

Eugene L. Grumer, Pi Deuteron/Phi Sigma Delta Sigma, 1962

Lee S. Hauer, Phi Gamma, 1979

Alex M. Hochberger, Mu Tau, 2001

Ronald J. Klein, Eta, 1979

Jeffrey L. Kraskin, Delta Phi, 1976

Alexander S. Lewy, Phi Iota, 2004

Ben G. London, Phi Alpha, 1989

David M. Ogman, Phi Gamma, 1998

Carlos R. Romero, Zeta Deuteron, 1987

Mark E. Rousso, Lambda Deuteron, 1988

Barry A. Schwartz, Omicron Deuteron, 1974

David M. Seifer, Phi Gamma, 1994

Lewis M. Temares, Sigma Chi, 1962

Hy Vaupen, Phi Gamma, 1979

Martin Volinsky, Phi Alpha, 2012

Neil E. Weiss, Sigma Kappa Psi, 1992

Bernard Werner, Phi Gamma, 1978

Asher T. Yanich, Phi Iota, 2003

Scott D. Yonover, Beta Iota, 1986


Players will tee off at the golf course selected marker.

SCRAMBLE FORMAT: Each player hits his or her tee shot regardless if playing with 3, 4, or in some cases 5 players. The team then selects the ball in the most favorable position and marks the site with a tee/ball marker. The best ball selected cannot be lifted from its spot and should be played 1st. Other balls not selected as the teams best ball must be picked up/not played. Each player must then hit the next shot no more than 2 club lengths off the marked site, but no closer to the hole. This procedure is repeated until the ball is on the green.

On the green, the selected ball being put in play is marked with a coin. Each player attempts the putt from within six inches of the coin/maker, but no closer to the hole. No ball should be holed out until all players have attempted the make the previous putt. Must play only your ball, do not putt out someone else’s ball. If you do not make a par as a team take your bogey and move to the next hole.

BUNKERS: If a selected ball is in a trap, the site is marked with a tee. Each player then hits the sand shot from within 6 inches of the ball, but no closer to the hole. The shot must be taken from within the bunker before each shot.

THREESOMES/FIVESOMES: If your team is short a player, have one player on each hole, hit an extra ball from start to finish. Rotate this honor among the team players on a hole by hole basis. If team has five players all 5 players hit the ball (its ok to only do 4 putts to score-you can rotate who does not putt if you wish).

SCORECARDS: Please record the team’s gross scramble score only. Please total up the team score and turn-in the scorecard to the golf attendants as soon as you’ve finished play.

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