#AEPiConclave will be spread out over the course of six weeks, from January 7 – February 16, 2021. General sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 and 8:00 PM EST. While the 6:00 PM session is highly recommended new members and first time attendees, all are welcome. The 8:00 PM sessions are considered advanced leadership. Officer Academy sessions are on separate days. The full schedule can be found here. Attendees will receive links to all sessions prior to each week of programming in an email from AEPi Headquarters.

Conclave will not be broken into regions as they have been before. This year, everyone will have the chance to network with Brothers from around the globe. For first-time attendees, Conclave is usually a Brother’s first experience with the Fraternity outside of their own chapter.

This year’s attendees will have the chance to learn and grow from one another over the course of six weeks. Chapter officers, as well as new or returning Conclave attendees, will be able to network and learn from shared experiences. Rather than bouncing from session to session, the track and schedule you choose allows you to build a foundation for yourself and mold your own Conclave experience.

Some chapter officers have separate sessions built out for their position, but anyone can attend these tracks and they are not limited to those officers. This year, we are offering six different officer academies: Masters, Lieutenant Masters, Scribes, Exchequers, Sentinels and Rush Chairman. Only chapter Masters will be allowed into Master sessions, but chapter Masters can still attend general sessions being offered on Tuesdays. These sessions are on separate days from general programming, which fall on Tuesday evenings. You can look at schedule and session information for these tracks here.

When you register for Conclave, you’ll be asked to choose which Officer Academy you’d like to attend. Choose the one that interests you the most!

We’ve created a digital program guide for all Officer Academies to help you stay organized, and provide resources that may be mentioned in your sessions. You’ll also find the schedule for each academy and #AEPiConclave in this binder, which includes a detailed description of sessions you’ll be attending. Officer Academy binders can be found by clicking the appropriate academy below:

Lieutenant Master

We are offering the schedule over a span of six weeks to help ease the burden of being in sessions all day. What was normally crammed into 45-minute sessions at your regional conclave in years past is now spread out so that you have an opportunity to not only learn the content but from your peers.

This year’s Conclave is free of charge for all Brothers and new members. Simply click the “register” button to begin choosing your schedule!

Some sessions may be recorded and posted online at a later time, but the best way to learn is through virtual discussion at sessions with Brothers from other schools.

All sessions will take place on Zoom and be meeting-style. Once you’ve registered, look out for a weekly email from AEPi Headquarters with session links and passwords for the following week’s programs. We will send two emails per week, one with links to general sessions, and a separate email with links to the Officer Academy sessions you signed up for.

There is no deadline to register for #AEPiConclave. So, you can sign up at any point in time. Emails with session information and meeting links will be sent out weekly, so we advise you to sign up as soon as possible for the smoothest Conclave experience. 

All questions about #AEPiConclave should be sent to Lynsie Morgan.