combatting antisemtism

adl words to action

Empowering Students to Address Antisemitism is an interactive education program for college students designed to empower and equip them with constructive and effective responses to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel bias, including: Stereotypes and prejudice, vandalism, harassment, hate speech, and Anti-Israel incidents.

Love over hate

In partnership with Simon Wiesenthal Center, AEPi works with TM Garrett a German-American author, producer, filmmaker, radio personality, human rights activist and founder of C.H.A.N.G.E, a Memphis-based non-profit organization which engages in community outreach programs, food drives, seminars, anti-racism campaigns and anti-violence campaigns. He will share his story about how he was brought into and rose through the ranks of the Nazi party, and ultimately, why he left. 

Potluck Mixer with an MGC or NPHC Sororit

The idea of this program is to do a cultural exchange with another organization. This program uses food to build bridges between cultural groups. AEPi will cook “Jewish Food” and the other organization will bring food from their culture.