Make Your Donation Doubly Meaningful – Donate Israel Bonds to AEPi
Established in 1951 by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds was co-founded by AEPi Brother, Sam Rothberg.

Over the course of seven decades, Israel Bonds enterprise has secured over $46 billion in worldwide sales, helping to build every sector of Israel’s economy. As Warren Buffett, a $5 million Israel bondholder said, Israel bonds are “a deserved endorsement of a remarkable country.”

Donating Israel bonds to AEPi is an especially meaningful way to support both the fraternity and the continued development of Israel. When purchasing a bond, you have the option of naming your the AEPi Foundation as the owner/beneficiary.

When purchasing the bond, choose the “corporate” option as the bondholder and provide the following information:

Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation,

8910 Purdue Road, Suite 730

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Contact Jay Feldman, Executive Director, [email protected] with questions.