Since the mission of Alpha Epsilon Pi is to develop the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities, it would only make sense that the Jewish fraternity would find itself bringing the Jewish fraternal experience to the homeland of the Jewish people: Israel.

In June 2010, AEPi expanded to Aleph/Israel Alpha at The Interdisciplinary Center Herziliya, a private research university in Herzliya, Israel. The expansion proved extremely popular, providing Jewish men of all backgrounds with a Jewish Brotherhood on campus and extensive networking opportunities with AEPi alumni all over the world. Since Aleph/Israel Alpha received an official charter recognizing the group in 2011, AEPi has developed eight groups on Israeli campuses:

Aleph/Israel Alpha (2011)
at Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Bet/Israel Beta (2016)
at Hebrew University

Gimel/Israel Gamma (colony)
at Technion – Israel University of Technology

Dalet/Israel Delta (colony)
at Ben Gurion Unviersity

Hay/Israel Epsilon (2017)
at Tel Aviv University

Vav/Israel Zeta (2018)
at Bar Ilan University

Chet/Israel Theta (colony)
at Braude College of Engineering

Leadership & Opportunities

From professional development to leadership conferences, AEPi’s goal is to support its undergraduate Brothers. Grants and scholarships are available to chapters and individual Brothers for everything from Jewish programming to academics.

Lifelong Connections

AEPi allows Brothers on any career path to meet and exchange ideas all over the world. With active chapters in seven countries across four continents, AEPi’s network of alumni is more than 100,000 strong.

Bring aepi to your campus

We’re constantly looking to bring our unique Jewish experience to more colleges and universities. If you’re interested in opening an AEPi chapter at your school, click below to learn more.