Dear Brothers,

As many you are aware the nominating committee had to reconvene for the purpose of presenting an amended slate of candidates to stand for election at the 104th sitting of Supreme Council as a result of a resignation on the Supreme Board of Governors. I wish to thank the Nominating Committee in reconvening and doing a copious amount of work that usually takes months, in such a short time and ensure a fair and transparent process.

Pursuant to Article IX, Section 1(g)(2) of the Supreme Constitution, the Nominating Committee is submitting an amended report to the Supreme Board of Governors, its nominations of candidates who will stand for election at the 104th Supreme Council in Las Vegas Nevada. The committee of SME Jeff Jacobson, PSM Jonathan Pierce, RG Michael Oxman, RG Matt Waas, and chaired by myself as the voting members of the committee and SM Scott Cohon and USG Brandon Sirota non-voting members of the committee spent many hours in deliberation and are proud to present the following slate for election:

For Supreme Master:                                     SM SCOTT A. COHON

For Supreme Master Elect:                            SME JEFFREY H. JACOBSON

For Supreme Scribe:                                      SScribe JASON A. OSHINS

For Supreme Exchequer:                               SE SCOTT D KNAPP

For Supreme Sentinel:                                   SSent ERIC I FARBMAN

For Immediate Past Supreme Master:           PSM LARRY C. LEIDER

For Supreme Governor:                                 SG ADAM H. COHEN

For Supreme Governor:                                 SG  JEREMY M. BROOK

For Supreme Governor:                                 RG MICHAEL G. WAITZ

The Committee and I congratulate all of the nominated candidates and extend our very best wishes.

Fifteen outstanding candidates applied to be considered for nomination as Supreme Governor. They submitted excellent and detailed applications, and presented the Committee with a difficult decision. These candidates honor us with their service, their talents, and their love for our fraternity. Regional Governor Michael Waitz is our choice from that very strong field, and I wish to take a moment to tell you a bit about him.

Michael served as Master of our Beta Delta Chapter at DePaul University and the Chapter subsequently won Chapter of the year as well, Michael, was the recipient of the I.E Goldberg ring. Michael then worked for us as an ELC, as well as Director of Jewish and Philanthropy Programming and a Director of Centennial Development for our convention in New York in 2013.Aside from Alpha Epsilon Pi which Michael serves as a Regional Governor, he is involved with Camp Chi, JUF Young Leadership, AIPAC, UIUC Hillel and Keshet. Michael and his lovely wife Aviva are proud parents to future fraternity Brother Jonah Waitz class of 2036 and 8 week Emma Waitz.

In the personal statement Michael submitted with his application, he wrote in part as follows:

“With my background of working for the fraternity, sitting on Jewish/Israel non-profits, and running a non-profit, these are all important factors to help continue to make the board diverse. I am ready to listen and learn even more from my fellow SBG, alumni, and undergraduate brothers.”

“My goals are to see this little fraternity continue to go to the next level and help create a strategic plan for our future.”

Fraternally submitted by a unanimous decision of the nominating committee,

Larry C. Leider