Sigma Beta Forever
chapter support campaign
raised of $25,000.00

A message from the Sigma Beta Undergraduate Brothers:

We have been working since February 2020 toward building the Sigma Beta colony back to being a full-fledged chapter, and we need your help.’

Our colony has launched The Sigma Beta Forever Chapter Fund to endow scholarships and programming over the course of many years to come. We believe this fund will help alleviate financial pressures and reduce debt for Jewish students at UCSB that may prevent the full
experience of AEPi.

Our goal for the end of 2021 calendar year is to raise $25,000. At this benchmark, we can begin giving scholarships to Jewish students and new members.

All donations go directly to the AEPi Foundation, who will earmark the funds and redistribute accordingly to selected UCSB students.

Beginning at the $1,000 Founder’s Forum tier, donors have the opportunity to serve as a living scholar or mentor with the student benefactor. We encourage givers and students to nourish a relationship beyond the financial gift. Donors may choose to remain anonymous to the student. Either way, Living Scholars can become friends with and mentors to their paired students.

All donations are tax-deductible through the AEPi Foundation, a registered 501c3 charity.