"Caddy Shack In The Desert"
Golf philanthropy
May 3rd, 2021 at The
Forty Niner Country Club
Registration starts at 10am
golf starts at 12pm

Welcome to our “Caddy Shack in the Desert” Golf Philanthropy!

We are looking to raise money to support our youngest brother, five-year-old Jordan Avi Ogman. The Jordan Avi Ogman Foundation is an organization very dear to our hearts. Their story is of incredible Jordan Avi Ogman and his battle to overcome a very rare, neurodegenerative and fatal disease called TECPR2. Jordan’s foundation fights every day to raise money to support the extraordinarily expensive research that must be conducted to find a treatment for TECPR2. Because of the neurodegenerative nature of the disease, there have been zero cases of kids being diagnosed surviving past childhood. Saving Jordan is a race against the clock, and we are determined to win. Jordan represents everything that we value most as Alpha Epsilon Pi Brothers. Not only is Jordan’s kind and compassionate personality a light in this ongoing test-of-faith, but it shines bright enough to touch everyone lucky enough to just hear his story. As he continues to confront this disease, we must remind him that he is not alone, and we are there to confront this struggle alongside him.

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