Alpha Epsilon pi


Alpha Epsilon Pi continues to develop leadership for the Jewish community everyday through acts of tzedakah and brotherhood. The brothers mentioned here are just some that have embodied what it means to be a Jewish leader.

The Business of Business

Mark Zuckerberg (Harvard, 2006) 
Founder, Facebook Inc.

Chet Simmons (George Washington, 1950) 
Founder, ESPN Inc.

Matt Van Horn (Arizona, 2006)
Founder, Lyft

Justin Mateen (Southern California, 2008) 
Founder/CMO, Tinder

David Yarus (Babson College) 
Founder, JSwipe

Jeremy Smith (Illinois)
Creator, SpotHero

Jerry Reinsdorf (George Washington, 1957)
Owner, Chicago Bulls, White Sox

Paul Simon (Queens, 1963)

Art Garfunkel (Columbia, 1964)

Richard Lewis (Ohio State, 1969)

Jerry Lewis Z”L
Comedian/Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Frank Gehry (Southern California, 1952)
American Architect


James Brooks (NYU, 1958)
Director/Producer, The Simpsons

Stanley Prusiner (Pennsylvania, 1962) 
Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine ’97

H. Robert Horvitz (MIT, 1968)
Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine ’02

Richard Thaler (Case-Western, 1967)
Nobel Prize Winner, Economics ’17

Bernard Marcus (Rutgers)
Founder, Home Depot

Dr. Sanford Ziff (Miami, 1947) Z”L 
Founder, Sunglass Hut

Merrill Hassenfeld (Pennsylvania, 1938) Z”L
Creator, Hasbro Toys

Bob Diener (Florida, 1979)

Alan Galumbeck (Old Dominion, 1968) 
Founder, The Weather Channel

Perry Mendel (Emory, 1943)
Founder, Kinder Care Day Centers

Saul Zabar (Kansas, 1950)
Co-Owner, Zabar’s Specialty Food Store

Stanley Zabar (Pennsylvania, 1953)
Co-Owner, Zabar’s Specialty Food Store

Newton D. Becker (Kent State, 1952)
Founder, Becker CPA Review Course

Wolf Blitzer (SUNY Buffalo, 1970)
Journalist, Author, CNN Correspondent

Howard Kohr
Executive Director, AIPAC

Howard Lorber (C.W. Post 1970)
CEO, Vector Group; Chairman, Nathan’s Famous

Sheldon G. Adelson
Founder and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Jay Feinberg (Dickinson, 1990)
Founder and Executive Director, Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation

Rabbi Levi Shemtov (George Washington)
Director of Chabad, Washington, D.C.

Moishe Smith (U. of Ottowa)
Past International President of B’nai B’rith

Hoody Allen aka Steven Markowitz (Pennsylvania, 2010)

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter