27 Jun, 2024


27 Jun, 2024


(INDIANAPOLIS, IN)  Alpha Epsilon Pi International (AEPi), the world’s leading Jewish college fraternity, and Mothers Against College Antisemitism (MACA) have launched an exciting new partnership to fight campus antisemitism through AEPi’s Antisemitism Response Center (AEPi ARC) and to promote AEPi grants and scholarship opportunities as well as expanded resources to combat antisemitism for parents and guardians.

The AEPi ARC empowers student leaders and educators with knowledge, skills, and resources to recognize and combat antisemitism as well as provides a centralized system for reporting and tracking antisemitic incidents on college campuses. MACA will promote the AEPi ARC to its members and their students to help raise awareness of the wealth of resources available to combat antisemitism and to broaden the ARC’s reach in terms of tracking real antisemitism on college campuses.

Since its launch in September of 2023, the AEPi ARC has conducted 3,500 events with 200 campus administrator partners and 150,000 engaged students.

“Obviously, incidences of antisemitic rhetoric and activity on college campuses have skyrocketed over the last several months. But, October 7 wasn’t the beginning of campus antisemitism and the conclusion of the academic year won’t be the end of it. Partnering with MACA will help us expand this critical initiative over the coming months and will enable us to make an even larger impact on college communities,” said Rob Derdiger, AEPi’s CEO.

AEPi provides scholarships and grants to its undergraduate members and high school students to help offset college costs. MACA will be helping AEPi promote these opportunities to its members to further awareness of these opportunities. Additionally, AEPi and MACA will be cross-promoting programs and information to its members and parents.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the AEPi Antisemitism Response Center. Together, we will forge a path towards eradicating antisemitism and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for Jewish students on campuses across the country. This partnership represents our unwavering dedication to supporting and protecting our future leaders,” said Emma Law-Oppman, MACA’s Director of Strategy and Development.

“Working with Jewish parents makes so much sense for AEPi. I’m looking forward to this partnership making real differences on college campuses,” said Derdiger. “We firmly believe that AEPi is more than just a fraternity, it’s a family endeavor and partnering with MACA grows our AEPi family even more. We’re thrilled to take this step and look forward to expanding our work together toward our common goals of building a stronger campus Jewish community.”

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About Alpha Epsilon Pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) is the world’s leading Jewish college fraternity, operating chapters on more than 150 college campuses around the world. Founded in 1913, AEPi has more than 100,000 living alumni. The fraternity’s mission – developing the future leaders of the Jewish community – is demonstrated every day through acts of brotherhood, Tzedakah (charity), social awareness and support for Jewish communities and Israel.

 About Mothers Against College Antisemitism

Mothers Against College Antisemitism (MACA) started as a grassroots movement following the October 7, 2023 terrorist attacks in Israel and the subsequent rise in antisemitism on college campuses. Originally formed as a forum to express concerns and provide support to parents, MACA has grown exponentially and now has more than 60,000 members committed to providing non-partisan support and assistance to college students in order to end a culture of campus antisemitism. MACA’s mission is to secure the safety of Jewish students through advocacy, education, and calls to action.